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Dress Code


The dress code for Creekside is designed for safety and decorum. Students at Creekside School are expected to dress in a manner that reflects modesty, neatness and self-respect. Therefore, EXTREMES IN DRESS OR GROOMING THAT MAY CAUSE A DISTRACTION IN THE CLASSROOM WILL NOT BE ALLOWED AT SCHOOL. With this in mind, we will try to address all dress code violations during homeroom. As it is with a speeding motorist, not all dress code violations are caught every time. As a staff, we will be as consistent as possible in enforcing the dress code. We ask that parents check what their children are wearing before they leave for school. Students not dressed according to the code will be sent to their grade level office to call home for the parent to bring appropriate clothing. If the parent is unable to bring appropriate clothing or is unable to be reached, the student will spend the remainder of the day in ISS. Students will not remain in the regular classroom environment if they are found in violation of the dress code. 

The administration recognizes the inconvenience involved for parents to bring corrective clothing to school during the day; however, this is required for the dress code to be applied and enforced consistently. 

Students may enjoy current fashion, but the school reserves the right to inform individuals when their attire does not meet the spirit of the dress standards for Creekside.

  • It is the responsibility of each student to be knowledgeable of and comply with Creekside dress code policy.
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the dress code is observed.
  • It is the duty of each teacher to ensure that the dress code is enforced.
  • It is the final decision of the administration to deem what meets or does not meet dress code.


General Topics

  1. Clothing with inappropriate lettering, pictures, symbols, sexually suggestive content, vulgarity, violence, and alcohol or drug depictions will not be allowed. Clothing depicting extreme political and social viewpoints considered detrimental to school morale are not appropriate for school.
  2. Any written lettering, clothing, etc. related to gangs is inappropriate and should not appear on students or their belongings.
  3. Body cleanliness is required at all times.
  4. Proper undergarments should be worn at all times and should not be visible outside of or through clothing.
  5. Pajamas and swimwear should not be worn to school.


  1. Low cut shirts or shirts revealing cleavage are not appropriate for the school day. The back and mid-section of the body are to be covered at all times.
  2. Sleeveless clothing is allowed if the shoulder is at least 2 inches in width, completely covers the back, and does not reveal undergarments.  The back, shoulders, and mid-section of the body are to be covered at all times.  No racer-back and/or t-back shirts/tops may be worn at school.  No low-cut tops, spaghetti straps, halter tops, or bralettes are allowed. Sleeveless shirts cut low under the arms revealing skin or undergarments should be worn with a T-shirt underneath.
  3. Mesh/see-through clothing of any kind should not be worn at school without dress code appropriate clothing underneath.
  4. Shirt hems should be long enough to cover skin above the waistband when arms are fully extended upward.
  5. Plain white T-shirts or undershirts may not be worn as an outer garment. 


  1. Students may NOT wear pants or leggings with holes, frays, or mesh above fingertip length to the longest finger when arms are fully extended downward UNLESS they are wearing tights/leggings underneath.
  2. Sagging pants are not allowed. Pants that will not stay up at the waist/hips should not be worn to school. Undergarments must not be visible. Pant legs must be of equal length and may not touch the floor.
  3. Shorts/skirts/dresses/jumpers must be at least fingertip length to the longest finger when arms are fully extended downward at the shortest part of the hem all the way around the body, and must be maintained at this length throughout the school day.
  4. Leggings may be worn with tops whose shortest hem is longer than the buttock region and the inseam all the way around.

Shoes/Head Gear/Accessories 

  1. Appropriate shoes are to be worn at all times. Shoes may be sandals, dress or athletic. Heels and soles may not be more than 2 inches high or thick for safety reasons.  House shoes are considered inappropriate at school and are not allowed.
  2. Hats, hoods, stocking caps, wave caps, and sunglasses are not to be worn at school. Combs, picks, and pencils may not be worn in hair.
  3. Bandanas of any color are not to be worn or visible or hanging from bags or clothing at any time.
  4. Heavy chains, dog collars, or metal studded bracelets, etc., may not be worn in school. Chains attached to wallets should not be worn.
  5. Blankets should not be brought to school or on the school bus.
  6. Earbuds/headphones/listening devices should not be worn or be visible in the hallway at any time before, during, or after school. These devices may be used in the classroom at the teacher’s discretion, while seated at breakfast or lunch, and while sitting in the gym prior to school. At no time should your earbuds/headphones/listening devices be audible to other people.


Procedures for Dress Code violations:

Students, who are reported asviolating the dress code, will be sent to an administrator to determine if the student is able to correct their clothing. If it is not possible to correct a dress code violation, students will be placed in ISS for the remainder of the school day or contact a parent for alternate clothing. Students who repeatedly violate the dress code will receive further disciplinary actions.