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Warrior Band

Do you love music?

We are recruiting now for next year's band and we want YOU to join us!

Who can join the band?  Rising 5th and 6th grade students!

When does band meet?  Band meets during the school day, and you'll have band every other day at Creekside! One week you'll have it M-W-F and the next it will be on T/Th, rotating every week. You'll get used to the schedule and you will receive a calendar to keep that helps you keep up with it! Here's an example of a band student calendar: Notice the "5" and "6" - 5th grade meets on the 5s and 6th grade meets on the 6's. Remember - this is DURING the school day. This schedule allows you to still go to Connections-you just have them half of the time. 

Sample Calendar


Example Band Days

Band is a year long Connections class, with minimum after school practices. We usually practice right before our concerts, but that's about it for after school! 

Can I do sports and band? YES! Many 6th graders are involved in activities after school, that's why the majority of what we do is DURING the school day - leaving time for more extracurricular activities. Students do need to practice at home, so if you are involved in other activities, be sure you have a little time to dedicate each day to practicing your new instrument - students who practice frequently advance quickly!

Is there a band fee? Yes, the band fee is $50.00 and includes your band t-shirt, music folder, music for the year, and your band book. This fee will be collected in August.

How do we decide on an instrument? During the first two weeks of school, your child will take the Selmer Music Survey in band class, and will learn about the variety of instruments available to learn. They will choose their top 3 choices, and then come to the Creekside Cafeteria on Saturday, August 27th, at the time slot you chose when you registered for band. At that time your child will play on each of those instruments and make a final decision.

How do we get an instrument? Most instruments need to be rented or purchased from a store that specializes in band instruments, such as Art's Music Shop, Baker's Music Shop, and Everything Musical. You will need to rent/purchase an instrument once we have made the final decision on August 27th about what they will play! There will be an approved list of brands/models and supplies needed for each instrument at the event on August 27th. Please understand that although it is tempting to shop online for an instrument, if the deal seems to good to be true, it probably is. And most items you will find online are not a good quality instrument that will help your child succeed in their first year in band. It is an investment, but if you follow our approved list your child will be starting off on the right foot!

Does the school rent instruments? The school rents out the largest of the instruments, such as the tuba and some baritones or french horns. This is on a case by case basis and we will talk to you about the costs for these instruments if your child is playing one of them. 

Why should I join the band? The band is a special place where students can find new friends with the common love of playing music together. Band students are highly motivated and succeed in the classroom and in the community. It is FUN. We have a great time learning to play, and preparing songs to play for our concerts! You will learn a new skill, and this skill can be used for the rest of your life-there are community bands all over the nation with old band members in it just like you will be! As you grow through band there are opportunities to show your leadership skills, and later down the road the chance to audition for scholarships for college. Band is a gateway to so many wonderful opportunities! 

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